3 Reasons Why Short Term Rentals in Dubai Are More Sensible than Hotels

Dubai is the seat of tourism and international business in the UAE. World-class attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall combine with the bullish local economy to continuously drive new tourism and business into the city. The constant stream of visitors has led to the strong performance of the hotel industry, which boasts an average of 76 per cent occupancy across all its categories in the second quarter of 2016.

However, while hotels are the primary choice of accommodation for tourists, short term rentals are also viable alternatives for those who will be staying for a short period of time. Here are 3 reasons why choosing short term rentals over hotels makes more sense:

  1. You get more privacy and space throughout your stay

Hotel rooms can sometimes feel confining in that you have less space to move around as compared to your own apartment or home. Opting for hotel accommodations that offer the luxury of space, on the other hand, often entails a higher spend, and choosing those located in prime locations even more so.

Comparably, a short term rental often offers a generous amount of space, as these apartments are designed and constructed with year-round accommodation in mind. This means you can have a full-sized kitchen with space for having your own quiet dinners, a luxurious sleeping area, a fully-functional bathroom with all the trimmings and trappings, and maybe even a work area, if you look hard enough.

  1. You get to stick to your daily diet

Conventional hotel rooms are designed to serve as mere sleeping places. This design takes you away from the comfort and familiarity of your daily routine at home. In a hotel, you pick what you think is the best dish from the room service menu, without knowing how it tastes, how it is prepared, and what comprises its nutrient content. This is a problem if you want to watch what you eat on a daily basis.

A short term apartment with its own kitchen gives you the freedom to prepare your own fresh, healthy meals to get you energised for the whole day. If you are vegan, you can fix up your salads with choice vegetables from the local organic store. If you have a craving for roast, you can cook it to your own liking, with all the spices and garnishes for a perfect dinner. Your choices are not limited to eating out, takeaways, or fast food – you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

  1. Significant cost-savings and freedom

If you are not sold on the comforts, then you might also want to consider the cost-saving aspect of a short term apartment. If you are staying in Dubai for 4 days or more, it will not take long for you to feel the financial impact of staying in a hotel and ordering room service on a daily basis. It can hit you even faster and harder if you are vacationing with your family, since you will be paying for multiple rooms on top of the daily expenses of going out and about.

If you want to stretch your travel budget, short term rentals allow you the flexibility of choosing between one, two, or three bedroom apartments, depending on your needs. Longer stays could net you lower prices, given that you negotiate your way to a better deal. Plus, rental apartments give you the freedom to do your own exploration. So if you want to do your own sightseeing around town, you can do so on your own accord.

In the end, the choice between a hotel and a short term apartment is largely dependent on your personal preferences. If you prefer all the conveniences of hotel service, then short term rentals might not be for you. But if you feel space, privacy, cost-savings, and freedom are more important, then you might want to check out the selection of apartments for rent in Dubai from PK Holidays.

Get more value for your money, with world-class short term accommodations that don’t break the bank!