PK Holidays The Top 3 souks to visit in Old Dubai

Dubai is a city which captivates both its residents and visitors alike with its charm and glamour. Its central location has attracted many merchants plying their trade and as a result, customers who followed. Although the city is now more known for its newer attractions, its old streets and souks have given Dubai its unique flavor, and are definitely worth visiting.

Here are the top 3 souks to visit in the old city:

The Spice Souk in Dubai is the perfect place to experience the city’s culture and rich heritage. The air is pungent with the aromas of the market’s colorful and curative spices, herbs and incenses. Visitors should roam the market and sample the exotic spices which have shaped the local cuisine, most notably those from India and Iran. The most sought after spice here is saffron, which owing to its abundance from neighboring Iran, is considerably cheaper here than in some other countries.Gold Souk

A walk through the original Gold Souk in Deira is a must even if just to admire the jewelry. The market houses over 300 stores which sell a wide variety of gold pieces designed for casual day to day use as well as for weddings and special occasions. The market is quite popular with both the locals as well as Dubai’s many visitors due to its appealing range in karats, styles as well as its (currently) tax free and negotiable prices.

Spice Souk

After enjoying the magnificence of the Dubai Creek aboard a traditional Abra boat, wander into the Textile Souk, home to every garment imaginable. The adjacent shops lie at the bottom of a line of sand-colored buildings. They are managed by the vendors themselves offering the ‘best prices’ if not ‘99% discounts’ on their shawls, pashminas, and national dress among other things. Visitors can even try the national dress worn by the Emiratis and observe the different styles the garments can be worn as demonstrated by the vendors.

Textile Souk

Written for P.K. Holidays by Nada

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